Be prepared is a motto that all scouts know but it can save lives. Be smart and be properly equipped for adventure.

A quote from Bear Grylls for Plan B
Bear Grylls is known around the world as one of the most recognised faces of survival and outdoor adventure.

Rock fishing is a popular pastime around here but there have been folk lost off the rocks. I’ve had a couple of slips where I’ve been lucky not to have fallen further so I’m much more careful now. I’ve got flares I carry in my bag. The PLB makes so much sense though. If I was to fall or something then chances are my phone etc would be out of reach or broken or even wet so a PLB kept on my person would literally be a life saver. I’ve spoken to a lot of other anglers that are all now planning on buying one so what you’re doing has had an amazing effect already. I’ve no doubt you’ll have saved lives in the future with your campaign.

Our mission is to make sure that anyone that participates in adventurous sports or activities has a Plan B for when the unexpected might happen and you find yourself in a emergency situation.

Our mission is simple: we want to make sure everyone who participates in adventurous pursuits has a Plan B for when the unexpected might happen and you find yourself in an emergency situation. One part of this Plan B is to carry a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). They save lives, by making it easier to be found in an emergency.

Outdoor sports and activities are more popular than ever, and we think it is great to get out in the fresh air and have a good time. But if the fun stops, you need a way to escape trouble. Your smartphone may be a valuable asset in an emergency situation but away from the towns and cities, they may not be the right tool to help. Thanks to the latest technology such as PLBs, you can stay in touch, even in the remotest places.

Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) use a combination of a powerful radio signal and GPS to alert the emergency services of your whereabouts if you encounter difficulties. When activated in an emergency situation, they transmit a signal that pinpoints your location. So whether you’re up a mountain, out at sea, or in the depths of wild country, you’ll know that help is on its way.

What is your Plan B?

What is a
Plan B?

I had seen PLBs on the Internet and vaguely considered one but decided against it because they are so expensive, I didn’t know which type to get and I thought they were more for yachtsmen. Perhaps the strongest reason I didn’t get one though was because I was embarrassed as it seemed a luxury – how could I justify spending so much on me when I’d probably never need it? Now it no longer seems a luxury but as vital a piece of equipment as my life jacket.

Plan A is to have fun, push yourself, be adventurous and to keep doing what you enjoy again and again.

Plan B is to make sure you are safe in the rare case that Plan A goes wrong and the fun suddenly stops.

We don’t want to stop or stifle the adventure but we have learnt the hard way what happens to you, your family and your friends when you don’t have a PlanB.

The RNLI estimates that up to 200 drownings every year could be prevented by people carrying appropriate safety equipment, such as PLBs. That’s why we’re doing our best to raise awareness of them. They are cost-effective to buy, easy to use, and don’t require any subscription which makes them an obvious inclusion in your kitbag.

Our goal is to raise awareness of devices such as Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) and to provide online information and app based services to support safe planning and reporting of your adventures.

Plan A is always to have fun. But if things go wrong, it’s good to have a plan B.

Carry a Personal Locator Beacon. It could save your life.



Dom Jackson tragically died at sea whilst kayaking in February 2017. This accident could have been completely preventable had Dom been wearing a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).

Everyone who knew Dom would say he was a special person. A kind man, with a love of adventure, and a tangible zest for life.

Dom died alone at sea in freezing conditions after a kayaking accident in February 2017. Had he been carrying a Personal Locator Beacon, he could still be alive today.

No one knew of Dom’s disappearance until 36 hours after he’d gone missing. His body was found days later, more than 50 miles adrift of the primary search area.

The search for Dom involved the Police, RNLI, and Coastguard, who utilised helicopters, lifeboats and light aircraft. It was supported by scores of volunteers including his family who scoured the cliff tops hoping for the merest glimpse of him.

The financial cost of this operation was enormous, and its emotional toll immeasurable. Now, we’re building Dom’s legacy, to raise awareness of accessible safety technology like PLBs so that others don’t share his fate.

As Dom’s family and friends, we don’t want anyone to go through the sorrow of losing a loved one in similar circumstances. So we’ve set up PLanB in his memory, knowing that a small effort on our part can save countless lives.


Like all charities, we need financial support to achieve our goals. If you’re inspired by our mission and would like to donate in Dom’s memory, please visit:


Every single donation received will go towards our set-up and operating costs. Once we’re up and running, we’ll work with organisations like the RNLI to campaign about PLBs and raise awareness of safe logging procedures via an app and website.

Later, we hope to generate educational material to help people of all ages understand the importance of personal safety, and the value of using equipment such as PLBs. We want this technology to be as commonplace as car seatbelts or lifejackets on boats. To that end, we may also offer a PLB hiring service, and fund PLBs for use by charities.

It’s early days in our mission, but we’re certain of one thing – even if a single life is saved in Dom’s memory, our work is worthwhile.

This is Dom’s legacy. Please join us in making it a reality.

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